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Finding Help For Your Child

Do you know a child who needs a place to go?

Alpha Christian Children's Home is a place where your child can find a structured, Christian family environment in his or her time of need, and yet still be able to maintain or repair the relationship with you. It is our mission to welcome each child into our compassionate family, love them unconditionally, help them to succeed academically through our private Christian school, guide them in overcoming personal challenges they face, and daily share with them the life-changing message of Jesus Christ as they begin to grow and mature toward responsible adulthood.

Alpha serves children ages infant to 18 years; children may stay with us from as little as one year, to as many years as may be needed. Children are raised at Alpha in a family-style residence with a Christian married couple working as the parents in each home.

Children who come to Alpha for help in their time of need have included those whose parents have struggled with mental illness, disability, or homelessness; a season of financial difficulty or family instability; a period of military service or deployment; or because the child is struggling with academic challenges that our school is uniquely designed to address; the child has been abused or neglected; or because care-giving grandparents have found that they are physically no longer capable of keeping up with raising grandchildren later in life.  Many children have been rescued from behaviors and choices that have put them at great risk. Some have needed a temporary place to go as their family works to overcome unexpected challenges that have temporarily caused them to be unable to provide or care for their child(ren).

Our goal is to reunite each child with their family when challenges have been overcome and/or relationships repaired if that is possible. If for some reason, permanent reunion with the family does not become possible as time progresses, we are able to provide a home on a long-term basis here for the child until they succeed in graduating from high school. Some children have also remained with our family while pursuing higher education.

Alpha Christian School (on-site) provides K-12 private, Christian education for the children at Alpha utilizing the excellent individual-based and Bible-based curriculum and programs from Accelerated Christian Education. Each child receives one-on-one attention on a daily basis in our school learning center as they complete their prescribed assignments, and they gain positive self-esteem when they discover that they can achieve in school as they begin to experience consistent success.

At the Alpha Christian Children's Home and School, children find a stable and structured, loving environment which encourages the development of good character traits and positive choices in the lives of those who are at risk. Alpha is located on 170 acres or rural land several miles outside of the small town of Perry located in northeast Kansas.



If you are a parent, guardian, or juvenile officer needing a private place for a child to go on a temporary or permanent basis (while avoiding placing the child into a state foster care system), please contact Michelle Kincaid through our office for an application.

Alpha serves children in need through private placements made by family, guardians, or juvenile officers.

Phone: 785.597.5235

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