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Welcome to Alpha Christian Children's Home and School

The Alpha Christian Children's Home was established in 1972 to help children who need a home or intervention in their lives. Children in need at Alpha include those who are being raised by grandparents who are no longer able, children who have been abused, neglected, orphaned, troubled, or poor, & children with other needs. Alpha is Christian people working together to provide for children in need. Children can find open arms here with the love and care they need. The homes are nestled in a beautiful country setting on 170 acres of wooded, hilly land with scenic ponds and creeks winding throughout.

Every child needs to know that someone cares for them; we are ready to give that love to each child coming to us. In a time of great trouble for our people and country, there are many children that need someone to teach them of Christ and God's Word and give them a home and love.

The children are raised in a family atmosphere with Christian parents, giving individual attention to each child and their particular problems and needs.

Living at the Alpha Christian Children's Home represents to these children a chance to heal; correct past mistakes; experience a Christian family's love & security; learn to respect one another; share in household responsibilities as a family, learning how to do laundry, cook, mow the lawn, etc.; gain a solid education; learn how to keep one's actions, goals, and accomplishments disciplined; and learn how a life with Christ as Savior and Lord will be full of blessing and purpose.

Our motto is “Alpha and Omega: for a child, Alpha is a beginning, and when they find Jesus, there is no ending.”

Please remember Alpha Christian Children's Home, now and in the future, as a resource for a child that you may come to know in your area who needs a place to go.

Click Here to link to our Spring 2018 newsletter.

Click Here to link to our SUMMER 2015 issue which gives an overview of what we do for children.

Click Here if you would like an Annual $1 Campaign flyer that is a fund raiser for new school clothes for the kids!

“ALPHA” … a poem by JC, Kim, & Dianna

Is a place to play & have fun

Is a place to love & be loved

Is a place where you meet new people

Is a place to build tree houses

Is a place to wrestle

Is a place to play where the green grass grows

Is a place to get what you need

Is a place to get you on the right track

Is a place where the sun is always shining

Is a place where the moon shines bright

Is a great place to live

Is a place to learn more about God.

Alpha Christian Children's Home
PO Box 727
Perry, Kansas 66073-0727
(785) 597-5235


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