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"Mile of Pennies" Challenge

What is a Penny Worth?

Pastor Stan Rumbaugh of the Moline Christian Church got creative when he felt the call of God to find a way to financially support Alpha’s vision of nearly doubling our capacity for aiding children in need of family.  He asked his congregation (who are friends of Alpha) to begin collecting a Mile of Pennies to benefit this effort.  Our friends from Moline attended the Annual Fall Open House event this year in October, and they presented to Jeff & Devin Mulpas what they had collected so far. . .$500 worth of their pennies which they had converted to 500 gold dollars over time!

The congregation at Moline is continuing their effort to complete their Mile of Pennies, and now Pastor Stan is challenging fellow Christians and Friends of Alpha to begin their own “Mile of Pennies” project in support of the needs involved in expanding Alpha’s family to open a second home for children.  Here is what Stan has to say about collecting a mile of pennies.

What is a Penny Worth?

One penny used to buy a piece of gum or candy.  It may pay the sales tax, but I find that it usually takes 2 or more.  Most pennies end up in a jar, can, or maybe a piggy bank.  Some are just tossed aside on the ground or the street.  Most people won’t even bend over to pick one up. 

But what would you have if you saved all of those unwanted pennies?  Would you stop and pick up $844.80 off the ground?  Pennies laid out side-by-side for a mile add up to that much money! 

Suppose the churches that support Alpha Christian Children’s Home and School would each give a “Mile of Pennies” above their regular giving.  All of those pennies sitting around in jars or cans, or on the ground. . .what a boost it would have for special needs at Alpha!  Just think. . .if a hundred churches would give such an amount in the next two years, that would bring $84,480.00 which would enable Alpha to open a new home to children and hire new houseparents.  Yes, one penny cannot do much by itself, like any individual person or church, but put together. . .WOW!

Here are some helpful hints from Pastor Stan on saving a Mile of Pennies:

  1. Banks don’t care to take large amounts of pennies at one time, so it might be best to roll them and cash in a few rolls at a time.
  2. A 4-quart ice cream bucket will hold $100 worth of pennies.
  3. A quart size zip-lock baggie will hold at least $450 worth of gold dollars which equals 45,000 pennies.  That is over a half a mile in pennies!

You can take this great idea that benefits expanded ministry for children at Alpha, and start your own “Mile of Pennies” campaign in your area! 

Announcement:  Thank you, Gardner-Edgerton High School students for accepting the Mile of Pennies Challenge for Spring 2010!!


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